Chris Helvey

Broke, tired, hungry, and out of options, Ray and Johnny, two ordinary American men struggling to survive the Great Depression, join forces and start robbing banks. Focusing solely on banks located close to a border of state, the two men and their gang become known across the South as the State-Line Gang. As close as brothers, Ray and Johnny seem on the road to becoming folk heroes who rob the rich to give to the poor. Then a robbery goes horribly wrong, rivalries develop, and suddenly their lives take a dark, bloody, and violently vengeful turn. Bayou follows their downward spiral in forthright honest language , replete with violence, death, racist taunts, death, revenge, and love. Unique and powerfully honest, Bayou is a must read for fans of historical fiction and Southern grit lit.
Book Specs:
Pub Date: April 19, 2023
Format: Paperback
Page count: 262pp
ISBN-10: 1613098839
Publisher: Wings ePress