Chris Helvey

Looking At Kansas

An epidemic of bad fentanyl is sweeping across Pratt County, Missouri and Sheriff Davis Wells has no clue who’s selling the deadly drug. What makes it even worse is that every single victim has a direct, personal connection to him. Not to mention, he has more than enough troubles of his own: his wife is undergoing debilitating cancer treatments, his only son has disappeared, and Davis finds his rapidly growing passion for a beautiful stranger he’s just met is raging out of control. Then he learns that Lawton Turner, a deadly criminal he helped put behind bars, has been released early from prison and returned to Pratt County, swearing to seek revenge. Davis must solve the fentanyl crisis, deal with Lawton Turner, and try to remain true to his desperately ill wife and his own better self.
Book Specs:
Pub Date: Mar. 1st, 2022
Format: Paperback
Page count: 250pp
Publisher: Wings ePress
A fentanyl epidemic is sweeping his county, an ex-con has sworn to kill him, and Sheriff Davis Wells’ own passions are running wild.