Last Train to Miami

Last Train to Miami

Moe Horwitz is a Mafia hitman in Philadelphia who’s tired of the cold, the snow, his lonely life, and killing men for money. Trouble is, he doesn’t know how to get out of the life. Then the big boss in Philly sends him to Miami on the last passenger train with orders to a hit for the Miami boss. Moe quickly discovers that this job may well turn out to be far more than he, or anybody else, bargained for.

Looking At Kansas

A fentanyl epidemic is sweeping his county, an ex-con has sworn to kill him, and Sheriff Davis Wells’ own passions are running wild.

Into the Wilderness

Dave Wertz is undergoing a middle-aged crisis. On the back side of fifty with no job and an unhappy marriage, he pulls a Kerouac and goes on the road, and back to his hometown of Frankfort, Kentucky. Dave hopes familiar surroundings and a childhood friend can help him find a sense of safety and belonging. Instead, he stumbles into a state government corruption scandal, meets a cast of strange characters who haunt the streets of Frankfort, and stumbles across Jennifer, a lost, teenage girl who needs help, but won’t listen to him. Dave’s old friend is not the man he remembered and his hometown has changed.

Violets for Sergeant Schiller

Karl Schiller, a popular German poet, finds himself in Paris when Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated. Within days, Schiller is called back to Germany, then rushed into the front lines of the German army as it violently advances across Belgium and France in a frantic push to capture Paris and win the war.

The White Jamaican

Frank Quick arrives at his office one day to find a glamorous blonde waiting for him. The blonde hires him to find her missing husband, only she forgets to tell Frank that her missing husband is in deep trouble with two sets of mobsters who are also looking for him. The White Jamaican is a step back in spirit to the detective noir novels of the 1950s, fully of bad guys, smoking guns, and a femme fatale you’ll never forget.

Echoes of Loss and Belonging

Buy On Amazon Howard R. Wolf’s Of Two Lives On The Lower Golan is the story of a wondering Jewish American grandfather’s journey to Israel to maintain a close relationship between his daughter – who has made Israel her new home – and her family, especially her first born son, David, whom the grandfather helped […]

Dancing On the Rim

Buy On Amazon Mexico can be a dangerous country to go fo good times, as Paul Hampton finds out in a hurry. In less than 24 hours, the wealthy American has barely escaped being murdered while on a drinking spree. When he starts to sober up he finds he’s hungover, broke, and locked away in […]

Yard Man

Buy On Amazon Judas Cain—a lonely man simply trying to survive The Great Depression—suddenly stumbles into a job he doesn’t want, falls in love with a prostitute who doesn’t love him, and incurs the wrath of the most dangerous man in Mississippi. Then World War II explodes! Michael Jennings, author of Ave Antonina, writes “Judas […]

Bittersweet Blues

Changed forever by his service in the Vietnam War, Ray Zahn finds that living with his parents in his old home town is no longer an option. So early one morning, Ray buys a ticket, boards a bus, and heads east. Bittersweet Blues shares Ray’s journey as he searches for purpose, salvation, and a way forward. Sad and sweet, this novella may bring to mind the works of writers like Kerouac, O’Brien, and Carver.